Program Specialists

Online Rewards is a highly versatile and powerful incentive and loyalty marketing solutions provider. We are pioneering the next generation of web-hosted reward and recognition management tools.
Offering innovative and exceptional incentive solutions since 2002, Online Rewards continues to set the industry standard. By focusing on our core strengths, applying the best industry standards and aligning with leading-edge partners and suppliers, clients know their program will meet their goals and will drive results in a cost-efficient manner.

Combining state-of-the-art software and an infinite selection of reward options, the custom programs can meet any goals and desires. From simple employee recognition programs to complex, enterprise-wide reward and motivation systems, Online Rewards offers an intuitive, sophisticated and diverse range of solutions that is unique for each client.

Our clients are companies seeking to reward positive behavior that directly impacts their business goals. This can be realized through employee reward and recognition programs, sales incentive solutions or customer loyalty programs. We work with innovative human resource managers, sales executives and chief operating officers who want to establish engaging and purposeful incentive solutions.

Online Rewards has a range of incentive programs to help you reward your loyal customers, top sales people or distributors, and your best employees. Businesses, from start-ups to large corporations, can benefit from Online Rewards' programs designed to increase sales, generate referrals, build customer loyalty and improve employee performance.