Service Awards

Service Awards

What is a Service Award Program?

Service award programs reward and recognize employee accomplishments. In celebrating major employee milestones, companies develop a positive employee culture, improve productivity and retain top talent.

Program Features

Award Notifications

Participants will be notified when they are receive an award, along with options for redeeming gifts

Customized Service Awards Catalog

Participants are provided with a customized service award catalog based on their years of service.

Service Anniversary Calendars

Anniversary Calendars provide a comprehensive view of milestone awards. Employees and managers contribute to building a culture that values commitment.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

There are many types of recognition types and features that can be incorporated into a service award program. These include:

  • Public recognition of anniversaries to build pride and esteem
  • Memorable awards with the opportunity for a positive tax structure for employees
  • Years of service awards

What Is The Impact?

What Is The Impact?

Service award programs increase employee engagement and confidence, leading to elevated employee satisfaction scores. Milestone recognition can strengthen relationships between managers and employees, which also enhances communication and productivity.

Some of our clients

  • Deckers

  • Macy's

  • NRG


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