• Macy's

    At Macy's, our Everyday Magic site has helped drive engagement. Associates love celebrating each other, and it helps people feel valued for their daily contributions.

    Director, Employee Relations
  • MasterBrand Cabinets

    You are an amazing vendor. Anytime I need anything
    you are right on top of it. I know I'm not your only customer but you sure make me feel like I am.

    Program Manager
  • Macy's Inc.

    Kudos all around!!!!!!
    Very impressive, and very fun to work with too!

    Director, Employee Relations
  • PotashCorp Aurora

    Every time that I have dealt with you or someone else from your department, I have been impressed with the service. You have responded quickly and professionally with all my requests or inquiries.

    Program Administrator


Online Rewards provides a combination of Merchandise, Gift Cards, Debit Cards and Travel Awards to deliver an almost limitless reward catalog offering. Customized reward catalogs are created for each client, maximizing the value and impact of every program strategy.

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