You are an amazing vendor, anytime I need anything you are right on top of it. I know I'm not your only customer but you sure make me feel like I am.
—Toni Ferguson
Program Manager

Customer Loyalty Program - Rewards Programs to Build Your Business

The long-lasting success of any business is built on one cornerstone – customer loyalty.

Customers who love your brand not only generate recurring revenue, they provide important insights and can be valuable brand advocates.

But with the average household belonging to 12 loyalty programs, how does a company distinguish itself and ensure its initiatives are actually creating loyalty?

Online Rewards provides the expertise and tools to design, develop and implement a loyalty program that influences behavior while building value. All programs are customized to offer:

  • Scalability
  • Point award processing
  • Tiered structures
  • Real time catalog API
  • Email and SMS messaging tools
  • Custom redemption catalogs
  • Program management dashboards

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