Like the title says, some jobs just aren’t meant to be done remotely. Healthcare, manufacturing, and customer service-oriented professions, for example, require in-person interaction and access to various supports and resources to operate properly. Well into our 3rd month of Coronavirus-related quarantine restrictions, the toll on many newly remote workers is obvious.

According to a survey from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), over 70% of employees in the industries listed above, among others, are struggling with adjusting to working remotely. Moreover, 65% of employers reported that keeping employee morale high during the crisis has been a challenge. 

How can employee recognition and communication help to solve the issue of remote-working struggles? While it’s likely most businesses will eventually go back to a more “normal” existence, these current struggles can be used as an opportunity to introduce employee recognition as a motivational incentive.

65% of employers reported that keeping employee morale high during the crisis has been a challenge.
Low Employee Morale

An employee recognition strategy that includes keeping people connected through the use of technology is guaranteed to ease the pressure on and frustration of newly off-site workers. It isn’t just about communicating about tasks and timelines; these steps will help remind all of your employees that their purpose and efforts are still valued, regardless of location:

  • Set up regular (weekly–monthly–group–individual) video calls
  • If possible, maybe even schedule a lunch or “happy hour” game with the team
  • Surprise everyone with a gift card to get lunch or dinner every so often 
  • Give people the time and ability (without recourse) to vent frustrations
  • Commiserate with them (this can’t be all sunshine and rainbows for you, can it??)
  • Acknowledge, recognize, and reward (monetarily and non-monetarily) employees for their achievements, large and small
  • Provide meaningful, relevant feedback and offer motivation to stay the course
  • Utilize collaborative communication and workflow tools to stay updated on projects

Actions such as there are truly necessary during a pandemic, but will also benefit your company culture and morale long-term.

To read up on other ways in which you can motivate your employees, read our article on engaging remote workers here. Feel free to reach out to a member of our team to learn more about how Online Rewards can help, especially now.