Employee Appreciation in Construction: 3 Tips For Business Owners

One of the most pressing issues that construction business owners face today is employee turnover. There are plenty of reasons why construction employees choose to leave their jobs. Stress, pressure, and concerns over the dangerous nature of the jobs can take a toll on the body and the mind of construction workers. Conflicts with their colleagues or managers may likewise lead them to leave. Finally, they may have found greener pastures with higher compensation or lower workload than in their current job. 

But whatever the case may be, it is important that construction business owners and human resources managers implement strategies to improve employee retention and reduce the rate of turnover. One of the best ways is to show employee appreciation in tangible and meaningful ways. Here are some ways you can show employee appreciation in the construction industry.

1. Implement an employee reward and recognition program

Recognizing employees that go above and beyond their job roles is critical in any business. No matter their expertise —  be it plumbing, pipefitting,  sales, accounting, or pre-lien management—recognition can improve your employees’ morale and enhance their productivity. It can also relieve the stress even for just a moment and keep them engaged in their job. 

That said, not a lot of construction companies implement a structured and organized employee reward and recognition program. Creating this type of program can be quite complex, especially for firms with a lot of employees. Fortunately, you can use a recognition and rewards strategy to help you get started. 

2. Take your staff to lunch or dinner

Food is not only a great motivator, but it also brings people together. Small gestures like bringing doughnuts for lunch or having a pizza party after work can go a long way. These can even be a great opportunity for you to connect with them and strengthen interpersonal relationships. 

When treating your employees to lunch or dinner, it can be beneficial to time it with a notable achievement by them. That said, thanking them for their hard work is a perfectly valid reason too. 

3. Feature your employees on your website

Do you have a website or blog? These virtual places are some of the first things a potential client looks for when searching for your business. They also provide the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your employees’ work and present their achievements to the general public.

For instance, you can write about the latest news on your construction sites and talk about what your employees are working on. You can even interview some of your employees to ask for a first-hand account of their work. And if they have achieved something exceptional, say discovering a better construction technique or beating a work record, share it on your blog. 

One of the most important ingredients in a company’s success is the recognition of the contributions of the workforce. As the construction industry deals with the challenges posed by high employee turnover, it is crucial that business owners show their appreciation to their employees.  


About the Author:

Chris Woodard is the Co-Founder of Handle.com, where they build software that helps contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers with late payments. Handle.com also provides funding for construction businesses in the form of invoice factoring, material supply trade credit, and mechanics lien purchasing.