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Visit Us at RubyConf 2016!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Published by: Online Rewards Announcements

Online Rewards is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of RubyConf 2016, which is taking place in Cincinnati. As a leading incentive company with a developer-oriented culture, we are excited to network with professionals and thought leaders who specialize in Ruby programming.


The Ruby Conference is described as follows: "Focused on fostering the Ruby programming language and the robust community that has sprung up around it, RubyConf brings together Rubyists both established and new to discuss emerging ideas, collaborate, and socialize in some of the best locations in the US."

We are excited for this opportunity to sponsor a great local event. Stop by and see us at booth #4! Look for the large iPad display. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for live-tweeting of the event.

5 Scary Employee Recognition Mistakes

And How to Avoid Them
Monday, October 31, 2016


Creating an employee recognition program can have a really big impact on your company. If done well, engagement scores will rise, and you will see a positive impact on productivity and your bottom line. However, if executed poorly, the mistakes can be downright scary! In the spirit of halloween, here are a few of the scary mistakes to avoid when creating a modern employee recognition program.

  1. Rewarding for Presence, & Not Performance.
    Your program needs to have the logic required to recognize employees for positive performance, and not just showing up.
  2. Poor Strategy
    Employee recognition is all about strategy, which informs the technology execution. If you don’t take the required time to develop a concrete plan upfront, your program will fail.
  3. Disjointed Programs
    If your organization is trying to increase employee engagement, but with multiple, disjointed programs that don’t connect and communicate —  the results will be messy and terrifying.
  4. Trying to Do it All By Yourself
    One of the most important steps in this process is making sure to select the best strategic partners. Whether internal or external, your stakeholders need to have a firm grasp on employee recognition strategy.
  5. Taking a “One-Size-Fits-All” Approach
    Every company is different. Thus, each employee recognition program should reflect this. Your employee recognition program should be as unique as your business.

Employee recognition can be scary if not done correctly. Finding an experienced partner can make it a little less frightening! See our employee recognition page for more.


Stop by before 10 am at our Cincinnati office and we'll treat you to one of the finest espressos around.

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