Employee Engagement

Celebrate Milestones

Service award programs reward and recognize employee accomplishments. In celebrating major employee milestones, companies develop a positive employee culture, improve productivity and retain top talent.

Milestone Calendars

Interactive Milestone Calendars provide a comprehensive view of anniversaries, birthdays, and other important events.

Employees and managers can interact with these milestones, which contributes to building a culture that values commitment.

Tiered Catalogs

Employees are provided with a Personalized Service Award Catalog based on their years of service. Employees will receive dynamic notifications when they have a milestone to celebrate, and will be able to choose a gift from an exciting catalog with thousands of options to commemorate it.


Managers and Employees can receive emails, push notifications, SMS texts or any combination of communication they are accustomed to in conjunction with milestones.

Anniversaries will be publicly celebrated in a recognition timeline for everyone to see.

Commemorative Awards

Commemorative Awards are a lasting way to celebrate service milestones. Your employees can receive tiered commemorative awards at different levels.

Examples include: Linen-woven certificates for 5 year celebrations, acrylic certificate holders for 10 years, and acrylic plaques for 15 years. This plan can be customized to fit your organization’s unique needs.

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