Catalog API Services

Catalog API Services

What is Catalog API?

You may currently have an incentive or loyalty program in place, but need a rewards catalog partner to manage the logistics of item selection, order processing, customer service and billing. With our custom catalog API solution we can assist in all facets of catalog needs.

Program Features

Developer Tools, Documentation, & Sandbox

Provide your development team with access to the latest and greatest APIs for managing rewards catalogs.

Limitless Rewards Options

With our Catalog API solution, your incentive or loyalty program will have limitless reward options.

International Rewards Solutions

Our proprietary Catalog API service provides access to international fulfillment solutions – multi-region, multi-language, & worldwide.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Our proprietary catalog and order processing web services will allow your business to take advantage of limitless rewards catalogs, world-class fulfillment services and buying power.

Reward types include (but are definitely not limited to):

  • Physical/electronic gift cards
  • Pre-paid debit cards
  • Best selling merchandise at better than retail pricing
  • Branded merchandise (logo apparel)
  • Travel awards

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What Is The Impact?

What Is The Impact?

A variety of program types can be enhanced by Catalog API, including:

  • credit & debit loyalty programs
  • airline / hotel / travel loyalty programs
  • health & wellness programs
  • sales incentives
  • employee recognition programs
  • channel incentive programs

More Details

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