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Monday, November 12, 2018

E-reward Annual Conference

Online Rewards Sponsors and CEO Michael Levy Delivers Keynote Speech

Published by: Online Rewards Employee Recognition

Engagement and Recognition Strategies — New Pathways to Building the Employer Brand

Online Rewards is honored to have been a sponsor for the 12th annual E-reward Conference in London. As a provider of custom reward programs for organizations looking to be at the forefront of incentive technology, Online Rewards is thrilled to have sponsored the event in consecutive years. We look forward to the continued global incentive presence of our Company in the UK and across the world.

Employee Recognition

Authentic, meaningful, and frequent recognition has proven to be one of the key drivers of employee satisfaction and ultimately engagement. Michael Levy, CEO of Online Rewards shared examples of how successful companies are shifting the emphasis from monetary to non-monetary recognition through embracing and capitalizing on the power of mobile and social technologies to change the way recognition is being deployed.

Online Rewards wishes to thank all of the organizers, sponsors, speakers, and attendees for making this a successful and informative event!

E-reward Annual HR Conference – London, UK

E-reward’s research and specialist expertise is condensed into two days of key insights, updates and guidance. Attendees to the latest annual compensation and benefits conference are expecting to be introduced to the latest reward thinking. For senior members of the Human Resources Reward community, it's vital they have an accurate and comprehensive picture of the UK compensation and benefits scene. The trends, innovation and new concepts are distilled to present a clear, concise picture of everything that is happening in the industry today and a forecast for tomorrow.


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