Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition

What is an Employee Recognition Program?

Employee Recognition programs motivate and engage employees in a meaningful, consistent and sustainable manner. Formalized programs are created to inspire positive behaviors while reinforcing and recognizing employee achievements.

Program Features


Managers will have access to a top-level program view, complete with intuitive reporting features

Peer Recognition

Employees recognize their peers for contributing to Company outcomes based on core values. Peer recognition drives employee engagement and collaboration.


Company branded E-Cards and Interactive Peer-to-Peer Recognition tools build positive communication lines and encourage social recognition

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Online Rewards builds private-label reward and recognition programs. Each program is created to meet each client’s specific program objectives.

Companies with the highest engagement scores tend to be the most productive – and those Companies that can inspire and recognize employee performance will tend to have the most engaged populations.

A well-designed program will increase employee engagement, morale and retention while reinforcing the cultural values of your organization in a consistent format. Programs may include any combination of recognition elements, including:

  • Manager Spot Awards
  • Peer Recognition
  • Service Anniversary Awards
  • E-Cards
  • Social and Peer Recognition
  • Gamification
  • Performance Incentives

What Is The Impact?

What Is The Impact?

The ROI of employee recognition has been documented across numerous studies. A recent study of 23,910 companies found that those Companies in the top quartile of Employee Engagement Scores were 12% more profitable than those in the bottom quartile [1].

Reward and recognition programs also impact retention. Studies have shown that engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their current position than non-engaged employees [2].

The research supports the value and financial impact of engaged employees for which employee recognition is a key component.

Some of our clients

  • Macy's

  • Blizzard Entertainment

  • BlueCross BlueShield


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