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Well-being with Results

A health and well-being program is designed to motivate individuals to engage in activities that can increase quality of life, motivation and ultimately, performance. Well-being programs can be customized to meet specific needs considering health and wellness objectives, population types, behavior change objectives, tracking options and budget.

Progress Tracking & Integration

Progress Dashboards provide participants with a means to track their wellness goals and progress.

If your program needs to display goals and progress from external platforms, our technology can integrate with almost any existing wellness solution.

Motivating with Rewards

Wellness Catalogs can support a member’s wellness journey. Your program will offer all of the best items including Wearable Technology, Nutrition, Activewear, and Exercise Equipment.

Our programs can offer a subsidy to redeem a wearable device, which is proven to increase participation. Members can access the catalog after enrolling in a wellness challenge, meeting an intro level, or completion of a challenge.

Wellness Events

Event Tools allow you to create specific events or promotions for wellness-related initiatives.

You can easily let everyone know about the upcoming company 5k or walkathon, create recurring meetups, or schedule educational events around fitness and health.

Inclusion & Mental Health

Inclusion & Mental Health are critical to the success of your program. Items like PTO, experiential rewards, and charity donations have been proven to improve mental well-being.

Our programs are designed to be accessible by members of all backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, and creeds. We also have the option of integrating diversity initiatives into your program.

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