Incentive Solutions and Platforms

Need powerful turnkey or custom incentive solutions? Trust our SaaS software, which uses the next generation of web-hosted global technology. Join some of the world’s best-known brands—and their 500+ active programs—by choosing Online Rewards as your incentive solutions partner.

When you need a technology and marketing partner to optimize your incentive programs, you can count on Online Rewards. We offer a full suite of purpose-built SaaS solutions that can be integrated together to create unified incentive solutions. Here’s an overview of our best-in-class platforms—both custom and turnkey—to spark your program design ideas.

Custom Incentive Solutions

Online Rewards specializes in building customized program solutions that meet specific client program needs. These customized programs allow clients to support unique program capabilities – while leveraging Online Rewards extensive set of existing technology services such that custom programs can be build quickly and cost effectively – while still addressing unique client program requirements. Below are a list of the platform services available. Your Online Rewards expert will help advice on which platform type is most suitable for your overall program needs.

Online Rewards

Rewards are at the heart of our business, and our private label Incentive Management Platform allows you to cost effectively build unique incentive and loyalty reward programs. Our advanced technology enables even the most complex incentive strategies, such as reward choice and personalization options, so let your imagination run wild. When you need to attract, retain and nurture revenue-building engagement, Online Rewards is the partner you need to get it done quickly, efficiently, and with a genuine commitment to growing your business.


If your incentive solutions include employee rewards and recognition, our WorkProud platform is exactly what you need. Celebrate good work, honor achievements, laud major milestones and improve your overall corporate culture. In our experience, employee platforms that offer peer-to-peer social recognition boost engagement, so we’ve included features above and beyond rewards to inspire your people to be Proud of their Work and Proud of their Company.

Toll Road Marketing

Marketers for toll road, skyway, rail and other transportation options have unique challenges when it comes to attracting, retaining and rewarding riders. We understand these issues, and offer a purpose-built Toll Road Marketing platform to help you achieve greater success with your incentive solutions. Whether you need to increase tag, pass, and sticker purchases or reward utilization, we have the technology you need to do both.

Turnkey and SaaS Incentive Solutions

Catalog API

If you need rewards to power your existing points program—for consumer loyalty, employee engagement or sales and channel promotions—you’ve come to the right place. Designed for easy customization and integration, Catalog API uses a set of industry standard API calls to integrate millions of reward options (both US and global) into your existing application. From orders to fulfillment, we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. Plus, our white-glove customer service comes along with the technology, so you know your reward recipients will have help when they need it.


Many of the most successful incentive solutions use points (or miles or stars) to encourage repeat desired behaviors. That’s why MyPointRewards is the ideal choice for consumer, sales channel and sales team programs. With this platform, you also gain access to a dynamic, engaging interface with content editing tools, simple-to-use admin tools, comprehensive reporting dashboards, and one of the world’s largest reward catalogs.


There’s always an opportunity to surprise and delight someone with unexpected recognition and a reward. For example, if your customer service rep handles a tough customer with grace, zip off a “Great job!” email and include a RewardsOnDemand code, which can be redeemed at an online catalog. You can send these instant rewards via email, print or SMS, making them fast, flexible and fabulous. And if you prefer, we can issue these rewards on your behalf, whichever works best for you.


Retaining top talent is harder than ever these days. That’s why celebrating years of service with a meaningful reward is so important. From a one-year recognition to a 50-year celebration, MyMilestoneAward offers personalized certificates and a gift from one of the world’s largest reward catalogs in the industry. This platform is available in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia—and customized versions are available for other global programs.


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