Channel Sales Incentives Drive B2B Loyalty

Channel sales incentives help create meaningful B2B partnerships based on loyalty and trust. A variety of program formats will drive powerful business-to-business results.

Results-driven B2B Loyalty Programs

Create a custom B2B Rewards program that keeps your loyal distributors and channel sales partners motivated, educated, and engaged.

Channel Sales Incentives – B2B Loyalty

You rely on your channel partners to distribute your top-selling products. Ensure their loyalty through a combination of promotions, training, communication, and analytics.

Promotions allow you to drive sales results for specific items, services, or product categories.

Building a promotion and communication plan centered around your overall sales plan is an invaluable channel sales tool.

Training Centers keep your B2B partners educated on the latest updates to your products and services.

Providing incentives for completing training modules can help to ensure that your products are discussed and sold properly, contributing to your overall bottom line.

Program Dashboards allow you and your channel partners to easily track goals and progress.

A variety of personalized channel incentive behaviors can be tracked, including: individual sales performance, regional sales results, promotional leaderboards, and training progress.

Communications from your program keep your channel partners informed and engaged.

Users can be alerted via email, SMS, and push notifications when they have accumulated points, a new item is available, or if there is an update to the program.

Promote a competitive environment with sales-driven games built around goals and culture.

SPIFFs are a powerful channel incentive tool when you need to move a specific product or service.

Channel Sales FAQs

How can I drive more channel sales?

Increasing channel sales can seem like a daunting task. However, when you find the right technology partner, it can become much more efficient. Implementing a modern B2B loyalty program that incorporates Promotions, SPIFFs, Rebates, and/or Training functionality will go a long way towards driving channel sales performance.

What are the different kinds of channel sales incentive programs?

There are several different types of channel sales incentive programs that will immediately impact your bottom line. These include: SPIFFs, Rebate Programs, Training and Education Incentives, and a variety of Promotion-based programs.

How can I effectively manage incentives for multiple channels, dealers, and distributers?

We understand that channel sales can be complex. You have to deal with multiple types of dealers, distributors, and inside sales reps on a daily basis. Our programs are designed to provide a unique, tailored incentive experience for every type of sales partner you work with. This multi-tenant framework allows you to efficiently manage every individual sales channel to its fullest potential.

Why is B2B loyalty important?

It is vastly more expensive to attract new B2B customers than it is to retain existing ones. Investing in a structured, modern channel sales incentive platform will yield immediate and long-term ROI by retaining your most valuable B2B partners.

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