When you need an incentives program partner, choose Online Rewards, an industry leader in the design, development and operation of incentive and loyalty reward programs. From fast turnkey solutions to custom solutions, we have over 20 years of expertise to help design and deliver incentive programs that fit your business needs.

Strategic Incentive Programs

At Online Rewards, we take pride in our unique ability to understand behavior change, and how incentive and loyalty programs can provide the impetus to take action. If you need to improve engagement with consumers or sales teams, collaborate with us on strategic planning. Together, we can design a meaningful, engaging, rewarding, and results-oriented incentives program.

On-Brand Creative Services

Our in-house design team specializes in amplifying your brand across all of the touchpoints in your incentive program. After all, it’s an important brand extension that needs to fit seamlessly into your company’s image. If you use our creative services, we can provide digital design, user interface, communication materials and other program elements that reinforce your brand, your culture and your unique corporate identity.

Custom Technology Services

Starting with our mobile-first Incentive Management Platform (IMP), we can cost effectively build unique and customized incentive and loyalty marketing programs. No more long waits for internal IT teams to prioritize your project—we work fast so your incentive programs can launch quickly. Plus, our technology services give you the flexibility and creativity to innovate and excel without constraints.

Comprehensive Incentive Rewards Catalog

We’d love to talk about the power of different reward strategies—after all, incentive and loyalty programs rely on desirable rewards. Depending upon your target audience and business goals, you can choose any rewards you want because we offer a limitless array of gift cards, prepaid debit card, merchandise, experiences, travel and more. Plus, we offer cost savings thanks to our superior sourcing, volume pricing and streamlined order fulfillment processes.

Incentive Rewards Fulfillment Services

After you’ve set up your custom incentive rewards catalog, you can leave all of the complexities of fulfillment to us. We manage inventory, warehousing and all of the other details that you need to deliver rewards to your recipients in a timely manner. And if you need the fastest fulfillment to optimize engagement, our digital rewards—egift cards and virtual prepaid debit cards—shorten the time between desired behaviors and receiving incentives.

Proven Customer Service

At Online Rewards, we’re committed to providing your incentive program participants the very best service. That’s why our US-based call center provides comprehensive phone, email and web form program support for them. Whatever they need—program questions, catalog questions or fulfillment issues—we are committed to one-call resolution. You can count on our long track record of successful customer care, and you don’t just have to take our word for it: recent client surveys show customer satisfaction levels above 98%.


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