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The Role of Employee Recognition: Change, Augmentation, and Relevance
Thursday, November 30, 2017

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Michael Levy, Online Rewards CEO, recently appeared on a podcast produced by Human Capital Institute to discuss how workforce dynamics are changing and, as a result, the methods with which we approach employee recognition must evolve, too. Employee recognition happens earlier in an employee’s career, which allows a team member to feel appreciated in the workplace.

By recognizing fellow team members, managers cultivate an environment where employees can excel and dedicate maximum effort to their performance. With that maximized employee performance, the company will achieve the best results, while creating a fundamental enabler of employee engagement.

Learn more about using recognition as a tool, and how to make your approach unique by listening to this podcast, courtesy of Online Rewards.

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REAL Cincinnati 2017 – Session Recap

Recognition and Its Impact on Engagement
Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Online Rewards recently hosted a think tank and roundtable discussion about what motivates and engages people in the workplace, with mindful and creative solutions to better engage and motivate employees, while seeking to improve their overall quality of life.


To follow Jana Brown’s session on Digital Transformation and the Impact of Recognition, Dr. Bob Nelson led a riveting discussion about Recognition and Its Impact on Engagement.

Dr. Bob Nelson is a best-selling author and speaker, with over five million books sold on the topics of employee engagement, motivation, recognition, and retention. He has spent his career researching best practices and helps managers and organizations implement strategies that enhance the employee experience and achieve greater results for both the organization and employees alike.

With him, he brought a varied and knowledgeable perspective to the discussion. Dr. Nelson showed how to improve the link between the feel-good notion of employee recognition and the desired behaviors and results that most enhance your organization’s competitive advantage. The number one way Best-in-Class organizations improve employee engagement is through employee recognition programs. Thus, Dr. Nelson showed which essential elements can be brought to bear through a set of strategies, techniques, and applications using his own research, doctoral work, and experience on the topic.

Dr. Nelson is considered a leading authority of employee engagement, and has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and CBS 60 Minutes.

The inaugural REAL — Recognition, Engagement, and Leadership — event, REAL Cincinnati, explored how to help employees gain greater happiness and satisfaction from their work; how that greater happiness and satisfaction can translate to improve business outcomes; how this can be accomplished within the economic constraints of wage controls; and the current economic climate and how it impacts our thinking.


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