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Wellness Programs Impact Employee Health

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Published by: Online Rewards Health and Wellness

In a recent Business Insurance article titled "Humana Employees Who Take Wellness Programs Seriously Get Results," Humana Inc. discusses the benefits of health and wellness in the workplace and the importance of rewarding employees for making healthier choices.

Health and Wellness

A study conducted by Humana Inc. concludes that participants of its wellness program (HumanaVitality, launched in 2011) have seen positive results at home and in the workplace. More specifically, those engaged in wellness programs experience "fewer absences from work, lower health claims costs and fewer hospital and emergency room visits than employees who didn't participate," the health insurer said.

What does this mean for your organization?

Rewarding employees for making healthier choices is beneficial to employees and employers alike. Employees often see improvements in everyday life, while employers like Humana Inc. find that "Health claims costs for Louisville, Kentucky-based Humana's workers who engaged in the program decreased 6% in the first year of the program and 10% by the third year."

Here at Online Rewards, we build custom health and wellness programs that can address and improve issues specific to your unique work environment.

Read the full Business Insurance article here.

Four Reasons to Emphasize Employee Recognition

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Published by: Online Rewards Employee Recognition

Companies are consistently looking for ways to improve their bottom line in innovative ways, and businesses are beginning to see the growing return on investing in their employees. There are many ways to incentivize employees, but one of the most popular strategies is employee recognition programs. These programs work to spotlight accomplishments and hard work within the company. There are four ways these programs benefit your company's bottom line.

Employee Recognition

Improved Customer Service

No matter if you run a retail business, restaurant chain, a B2C business, or B2B business, customer service is essential to any company's success. Performance-based employee recognition programs help employees see that you reward those who provide superior service to clients and customers. This gives them more reason to go the extra mile and provide top-of-the-line service for all. Better service often leads to more sales, and employees that are recognized feel a stronger connection to the company goals.

Reduced Errors

On the flip side, employees that know you are focusing on quality products and services for clients will be more aware of their own performance. Not only because they want to be recognized, but also not to fail or cause errors.

Increased Loyalty

If employees are receiving positive feedback and incentives for their performance, they are likely to form a connection with your company that can last for years to come. This reduces employee turnover and guarantees that you have more experienced employees working for you, providing superior services and products.

Increased Quality Talent

If your recognition program is successful, it is likely that word will get around fairly quickly among the employee pool. Employees will be more likely to tell family and friends about their experience working at your business and potentially attract other skilled workers to you to add to your team. It is like having your own virtual recruiter working for you!

Taking a good hard look at improving employee recognition is the first step towards providing your business with the boost it needs in the human resources department to increase engagement, productivity, and profitability.


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