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Recognition and Retention: Fighting Turnover with Technology
Wednesday, January 17, 2018
"HCI Podcast

Michael Levy, Online Rewards CEO, recently appeared on a podcast produced by Human Capital Institute to discuss how compensation has little to do with what keeps an employee at a company and, instead, how nearly nine in ten people admit to leaving a job for reasons other than pay.

Today's prospective employees say that company culture and recognition for their accomplishments outweigh compensation and benefits. Thus, companies with highly engaged employees outperform their competitors by nearly 150% and Employee Engagement strategies are no longer a "nice-to-have" perk, but a strategic tool that drives business outcomes.

Since lack of recognition shows up on almost every list of reasons why employees leave organizations, many companies are looking toward reward and recognition programs to yield results.

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REAL Cincinnati 2017 – Session Recap

The Business Case for Well-Being
Monday, December 11, 2017

Online Rewards recently hosted a think tank and roundtable discussion about what motivates and engages people in the workplace, with mindful and creative solutions to better engage and motivate employees, while seeking to improve their overall quality of life.


The penultimate speaker from our inaugural REAL event was Kathy Webb, who followed Dr. Bob Nelson’s discussion about Recognition and Its Impact on Engagement.

Kathy Webb is the senior director at Limeade, a corporate wellness technology company that inspires people and companies to improve their health, well-being, performance, and culture.

To supplement her expertise and serving on boards with regard to company culture and employee performance, Ms. Webb spoke about The Business Case for Well-Being and its importance in the workplace. She discussed the latest insights and research, including its impact on culture, performance, and business outcomes, as well as organizational support and its role in well-being and engagement.

Corporate wellness has evolved from merely anti-smoking efforts and onsite exercise facilities, and instead focuses on the overall well-being of employees. The data and science to back up corporate wellness has also evolved as a result, and in her session she highlighted the Results Mode, a measurement framework for leaders to connect well-being to real business results.

The inaugural REAL — Recognition, Engagement, and Leadership — event, REAL Cincinnati, explored how to help employees gain greater happiness and satisfaction from their work; how that greater happiness and satisfaction can translate to improve business outcomes; how this can be accomplished within the economic constraints of wage controls; and the current economic climate and how it impacts our thinking.


Stop by before 10 am at our Cincinnati office and we'll treat you to one of the finest espressos around.

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