Employee Engagement (Old)

Performance Improvement through Sales Incentives

Sales Incentive Programs reward top performers. They create healthy competition and a positive environment designed to help Companies achieve structured objectives. A well-designed sales incentive program will contribute directly to a Company’s bottom line by driving specific sales outcomes and tying program costs to the achievement of sales outcomes.

Results-oriented Dashboards

Salespeople will be greeted with a branded dashboard alerting them to goals and progress

Dashboards allow your staff to measure their goals and performance. Allowing salespeople to see where they are pacing compared to co-workers helps create a successful and competitive sales environment.

Competitions & Gamification

Games can be customized to fit the identity of your company and can be centered around annual promotions or competitions.

Employees can be issued tokens to play the game to drive adoption, participation, and reinforce performance-based behaviors.

Exciting Promotions

Promotions allow you to highlight specific products you want your inside sales reps to focus on.

Building a promotion and communication plan centered around your overall sales plan is an invaluable sales tool.

Admin Tools

Admin Tools allow you to create promotions, monitor usage data, create training modules, and view top performer stats.

Reports are broken into easily digestible and actionable “quick stat” categories, that allow you to drill down in more detail when necessary.

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