Employee Engagement (Old)

Measurable Employee Engagement

Reporting & Analytics are critical to understanding how your recognition program is driving success, improving the employee experience, and achieving ROI.

Measure results through a combination of quick stats, interactive dashboards, and downloadable reports.

Quick Stats

Your program will be equipped with a quick stats section that allows you to easily assess how your employees are engaging with the program.

Interactive Dashboards

Your main dashboard will let you efficiently visualize program metrics, sort by data that is meaningful to your organization, and quickly generate reports for leadership.

Downloadable Reports

Your program will also give you the option to download user engagement reports. These reports are configurable to your specific requirements.

Custom Dashboards

Our system is designed to integrate with virtually any platform that can provide useful metrics. We can integrate with and visualize data from HRIS systems, CRM systems, Talent Management tools, and more.

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