Channel Sales Incentives (Old)

Discover Channel Loyalty Results Through Analytics

Program Dashboards allow your channel partners to easily track goals and progress. A variety of personalized channel incentive behaviors can be tracked, including individual sales performance, regional sales results, promotional leaderboards, and training progress.

B2B Loyalty Analytics Features

Reporting and Analytics are critical to understanding how your B2B channel loyalty program is driving success and improving your bottom line. Measure results through a combination of Quick Stats, Interactive Dashboards, and Downloadable Reports. Custom reports are available.

Track goals and progress

Allow your channel partners to track goals and progress easily within the program dashboard. Create a healthy competitive environment by allowing them to view how they are performing against their colleagues. Motivate them to improve their sales results by providing rewards for each valuable goal they meet.

Track a variety of channel incentive behaviors

Enable a birds’ eye view of your channel partners’ performance. Evaluate individual, national, and regional sales impact through promotional leaderboards. These features allow you to customize incentives to directly impact motivation and sales performance. You can also view their training progress and continuously motivate them to finish their product education with rewards.

Advanced reporting and analytics

Understand your channel loyalty program through advanced reporting and analytics. With these specialized tools, gain increased visibility and a deeper understanding of your channel partners’ behaviors. Create an optimized channel partner loyalty program by understanding what works and what doesn’t.

Interactive dashboards

Visualize key business metrics at a glance. Use data to help you make well-informed business decisions. With interactive dashboards, you can also customize which real-time data you want to prioritize. Export reports with one click. Dashboards help you understand your progress and allow you to make informed sales decisions.

Downloadable reports

No need to manually create user engagement reports. They are automatically generated and you can download them anytime you want. The data will also always be real-time. You can also customize them to match your business needs and objectives.

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