Channel Sales Incentives (Old)

Drive Dealer and Channel Loyalty

You rely on your channel partners to distribute your top-selling products. Ensure their loyalty through a combination of promotions, training, communication, and analytics.

Channel Loyalty Program Features

Channel incentives help create meaningful B2B partnerships based on channel loyalty and value. A variety of program formats help create powerful business-to-business relationships including: Dealer Sales Incentives, Channel Loyalty Programs, Partner Reward Programs and Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Partner reward programs

Motivate your channel partners through customized incentive programs. Boost your channel partners’ and your company’s sales as well and drive partner loyalty at the same time. Offer customized incentives for each of your channel partner groups for higher loyalty Use training and communication tools to engage with your partners. Review your sales performance through our analytics tool.

Measurable channel sales incentives

Provide exciting rewards to motivate your channel partners to continue hitting their targets. This will help motivate them to perform better each time and drive further growth for your company. Choose from a wide range of rewards like travel vouchers and gift vouchers to keep your partners performing.

Dashboards and analytics

Our easy-to-use analytics tool helps you keep track of your channel partners’ performance and sales objectives. The most important data is visualized to help you make well-informed business decisions. Your partners can also view and track their own performance to see what they still need to accomplish.

Cross-channel communication

Use one platform to communicate on different channels with your partners. Whether it’s via email, SMS, or in-platform, you’ll have the option to choose when and how you’ll communicate with them. Let them know about their progress, inform them about new features, and send timely promotion updates. Effective communication helps you increase engagement with your channel partners.

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