Channel Sales Incentives (Old)

Create a Successful, Competitive Environment

Promote a competitive environment with sales-driven games built around goals and culture.

Leaderboards and interactive competitions keep your channel partners engaged and active in your program.

Gamification Features

Your channel partners can participate in a variety of engaging games, including Point Reward Competitions, Instant Prize Games and Sweepstakes. Games will be designed around your brand, culture, and sales strategy. Gamification is a proven strategy to keep your channel partners coming back to your loyalty program.

Goal-driven rewards

Reward points to your partners for participating in activities that drive business growth. For instance, you can offer them points for successful completion of the training modules. They can then redeem these points and choose from a range of exciting incentives to help drive channel partner loyalty.

Instant prize games

Increase engagement with your channel partners through fun and exciting games that provide instant rewards. Distribute game tokens when your channel partners complete specific sales or training goals.

Instant prize games allow you to engage your channel partners in an exciting and fun manner while also improving their sales performance.

Multiple game styles

Choose from multiple game styles to engage your top sales performers. Games can be designed to fit everyone’s tastes and preferences. A variety of game types will motivate your partners to productively reap the rewards of their work in a fun way.

Leaderboards and interactive competitions

Create healthy competition and visualize your channel partners’ performance. Your partners can view their progress in comparison with others. Leaderboards and competitions motivate internal and external sales agents to perform at their optimal level. Competitions and leaderboards can be designed by region, product category, agent type, or any category you determine.

Design your own games

Build games that are aligned with your company culture and goals. Take advantage of the freedom to adjust your game content on an as-needed basis. We will work closely with you to come up with fun, creative games that accomplish performance goals for sales partners at every level.

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