Channel Sales Incentives (Old)

SPIFF Programs: Fast and Meaningful Channel Sales Results

SPIFF programs provide instant rewards when channel partners or internal sales reps reach sales goals related to specific products. SPIFFs are a powerful incentive tool when you need to move a specific product or service. When you have multiple channel partners holding your inventory, SPIFF promotions will help your products stand out from the competition

SPIFF sales programs include any combination of these exciting features and benefits:

SPIFF Promotions

SPIFF programs will include a combination of exciting promotions that are designed around strategic sales goals. Turnkey promotion creation and customization tools give you the power to define product sets and incentive payouts.

Communications Strategy

Any effective SPIFF program needs to have an effective communication plan. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive loyalty communication strategy that keeps your channel partners informed about every possible SPIFF promotion. 

Results-driven Analytics

Measuring the results of your SPIFF program is vital. We offer comprehensive reporting tools and B2B dashboards that will allow you to drill down to every level of your channel sales results. Have multiple layers of channel partners, internal sales reps, and

SPIFF Education & Training

In order for your channel partners and sales reps to sell your products, they need to be educated on their benefits selling points. Our platform allows for integrated incentives for completing product training modules, equipping your best sales channels with valuable selling knowledge.

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