Channel Sales Incentives (Old)

Channel Promotions That Move Your Product

Channel Incentive Promotions allow you to drive sales results for specific items, services, or product categories. Building a promotion and communication plan centered around your overall sales plan is an invaluable channel sales tool.

Channel Promotions Features

Channel Incentive Program Promotions are a key dealer loyalty tool that can be used to leverage your B2B partner network to sell specific products or services. Your program will contain fully-customizable promotion tools that are controlled by CMS. Promotion logic can be customized to meet your business needs.

Fully customizable promotion tools

Customize your promotion pages according to your brand guidelines. With well-designed promotional tools, it will help you effectively and visually communicate your rewards program and training materials. Your channel partners will be able to engage with your platform with ease.

Rewards dashboard

Help your channel partners review their progress and goals at a glance. Customize and choose from a wide range of rewards to continuously motivate and engage.

Interactive dashboards gamify the sales experience to see how much more they need to sell to reach the rewards they want. This helps you keep your partners accountable without having to oversee each account individually.

Customizable promotion logic

Choose how you want to bundle the products and services for your various incentive program promotions. This will help you choose specific product categories that need promotional support at certain times. Product bundling is especially helpful for increasing the sales of newly launched products.

Easy communication

Align promotions with your communication strategy. With these platforms, you create a cross-media approach that increases your chances of reaching your channel partners at the right place and time. Ensure consistent and engaging brand messaging to be able to communicate clearly to your partners.

Dynamic rewards catalog

Channel partners can choose from countless options for rewards when they hit their sales goals. The catalog allows them to view their options and shop in an organized way. Customize the goals they need to reach to qualify for certain rewards. This personalized rewards experience will increase engagement and loyalty with your channel partners.

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